We Nurture. We Grow. We Cultivate.


Welcome to the Picture Shed, home of the pictures team at Pic PR.


If you’re a start-up looking for the first shoots of success, or an established brand wanting to cultivate your image; at the Picture Shed we house the tools that enable businesses to bloom.


Take a look around, explore our existing work and let us know what you think.

From start-ups, to heritage brands; we’ve a wealth of experience. And while passion might be a cliché these days, there’s no better way to describe our approach.

Put simply, we love what we do.

Offering pictures, videos, animations, brand stories and more: if you want something visually compelling, then we’re the team to do it.

Whatever your brand, we convey the essence you want to convey in a way that suits your target audience.

Why the Picture Shed?

Or, perhaps more pertinently, why a shed?

Well, much like a shed we have many tools at our disposal. And much like gardeners, we see ourselves as cultivators. Cultivators of brand success, if you will.

Sheds have housed stellar names in the past. Disney, Apple, Dyson, Ikea – all started from a shed.

As a team, we embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by looking to help brands develop.

A shed then, seemed fitting.

We nurture. We grow. We cultivate.

The shed is where we house the tools.

Latest from the shed…

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